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Sand Coast Trading is a young company with headquarters in the City of Miami, Florida. 10 minutes from City International Airport. The main activities are: Logistics Truck, International Trading, Distribution and Wholesale Imported Products.

Sand Coast Trading, has a fleet of own trucks, with a policy of placing the products at points of sales and Customer's Stores. International Trading Division seeks to provide a comprehensive model of services to meet your buying and selling needs at competitive prices, following up the product from the port of embarkation to their Final Destination.

One of our strengths are computer accessories, with online shop and Stock prices updated daily, customers account payments and deliveries Online, among others, or if you like you can make them by telephone in English or Spanish language.


Carriers thinking about our work, we are committed to providing the best experience in the industry for our employees, and Costumers. Our Culture, Commitment and Technological Innovation, in order to make each day better our services, our success is the Support Instrument and Automatic Processes.


Being a leader in import and distribution of products such as fruits, seafood, pulps and other lines such as Woods, satisfying the needs of our customers by providing quality products, good price with excellent services. We cover 100% of the commercial chain from the source port, ensuring the optimized exit price to our customer.

SandCoast Trading's mission is to offer the best logistics assisted agile applications and instruments. We use creativity, experience in the computer industry and logistics to optimize and provide customer service and unprecedented carrier.

Each time you move SandCoast Trading is thinking about your partners, customers and the benefits of all.


Our vision is to consolidate a fully efficient logistics system and automated, with direct benefits to all involved. Trading SandCoast invests in information and technology resources, seeking excellence in processes. The strategy is long-term growth and welfare enhancing quality vs. quantity.

We are projecting that the corporation is referenced in the import and export industry, with an extensive fleet of trucks for logistics service throughout the United States.


Join SandCoast Trading and learn more of the benefits and advantages of working with us more information.